Friday, January 1, 2010

Message from Director

Welcome to Lake Mainit , the deepest and 4th largest lake in the Philippines!

This website blog we created at is very useful and fantastic that w
e at Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA) has able to share significant information and updates with what has been happening in the Lake Mainit cluster.

Latest news updates of the Alliance operation and updates contributed by partners in Lake Mainit cluster are regularly posted in this website so this will show significant reports of the levels of attainment of Alliance undertaking especially on various project management updates.

The Program Management Office (PMO) is assertive that each one who will visit our webpage will learn more about the extensive works of LMDA PMO. May the data and updates published in here will give significant information to all partners, stakeholders, researchers and individual or parties interested in LMDA endeavors.

LMDA welcomes commentaries and recommendations for the development of our site. Please contact us for your comments and suggestions and for development updates especially those which concern on the advocacy for the protection and preservation of Lake Mainit, its ecosystem and watershed.

We are very much grateful to blogger for this free website blog and to technical men in the LMDA-PMO for successfully creating and continually administering this website.

Always assure that LMDA will continue provide relevant updates through this website as LMDA always adhered transparency and accountability…

Enjoy while surfing this website blog!


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